Whenever I sit down in front of a blank screen in order to write the next blog post I imagine you, the reader, opening the Web link with anticipation and interest and I wonder what I should write that will maintain your interest and reward your anticipation.

At this time, with the Coronavirus still affecting our lives, there is little going on in our part of the world and therefore subject matter is not readily available and does not present itself in an obvious way.

Fortunately, businesses in the area are open as usual and so everyday life carries on.

Brico Marché–Loches (DIY Store)

As the Autumn sets in, and our Gites close down for the winter, it’s a good opportunity for repairs and maintenance, so many a Monday morning is spent waiting for opening time at the DIY Shop. We have regular routine maintenance and new projets all designed to make the Gites more comfortable than they already are. This season’s development in L’Hirondelle has proved very popular. One couple even booked because of the new look in the sitting room. Outside we have been planting trees and will soon be cutting and trimming hedges. More about that next time.

New Restaurants

We have taken the opportunity to visit some new restaurants. They are not actually new, just new for us because we haven’t visited them before or our guests have and they have been recommended to us.

Restaurant L’EntrActe – Loches

The restaurant L’EntrActe in Loches was a pleasant back street surprise. Situated on the route from the main square to the Château it has a small shop front which you could easily walk by without a second look.

The interior at L’EntrActe

However, inside the restaurant there is a pleasant seating area and an external courtyard for al fresco eating. We ate lunch there after the weekly Wednesday market in Loches. The food was interesting, well-presented and flavoursome and th service was attentive without making you feel rushed.

Another new restaurant for us was the Auberge de La Source in St Flovier. It is amazing that we hadn’t eaten there before as it is literally 10 minutes from our Gites.

Auberge de La Source

The Auberge offers a good quality, home cooked lunch and evening meals. The food was quickly served and the staff were appropriately attentive. It’s always best to book in French restaurants as often, if a restaurant has no bookings, it will simply close.

Sculpture of the Month

We visited the Château in Loches recently with some friends. It was with a sense of awe that we approached the new statue which has been installed in the  garden at the entrance to the Château.

Cerf Ailé (The Winged Hart)

The Cerf Ailé (The Winged Hart) is portrayed in Celtic and Germanic mythology as the Sun creature. France’s, King Charles VI (1380 – 1422) took the Cerf as the symbol of his reign. He thought the animal created a link between the Crown of France and Heaven.

It’s amazing what visitors can learn from the displays in the Châteaus. We discovered on this visit that in medieval times animals were thought to have an understanding of their actions. Therefore, they were deemed responsible and often ended up in court! Particularly, for some reason, pigs, who always seemed to lose their case and were summarily executed.

Closed for Winter

We are now closed for the winter and will be open again at the end of March. Another 5 months and we wonder what the world will be like; what will be happening to Brexit; what will the Covid situation be; how free will people be to travel and who will be the President of the USA?

Nevertheless, we aim to be ready to receive guests in March 2021 and if you are already booked let’s hope that you make it here to experience a tranquil, Covid free, French rural holiday.