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Just like spring, things are beginning to open up and blossom here in France. Maybe we’ll have some sort of  summer after-all. We believe that’s not quite the story in the United Kingdom where 2 weeks of isolation will be required for travellers returning from overseas. Not everyone can do that we realise and so summer this year may well be without our usual cohort of British guests.

Chateau Cheverny
Chateau Cheverny

Chateaus and Gardens in the Southern Loire region have been opening, but with strictly controlled entrance systems and restricted numbers. One example is the Chateau at Cheverny which opened its gates this last weekend. It’s a great Chateau which we have visited many times. At this time of the year there are splendid displays of flowers, mostly Tulips, and people come from many kilometres away to see the sights. Some people may recognise the Chateau as it was the inspiration for the ancestral home of Captain Haddock in the infamous Tin Tin books (Marlin Spike Hall). There is a permanent Tin Tin display at the Chateau.

Roses in Chedingy
          The village of Chedigny, just 35 mins from Gites de La Richardière, is famous for its Annual Rose Festival which takes place this weekend. The streets of the village are lined with Rose covered houses and gardens and people come from miles around to walk the streets and savour the Rose fragrances.
This year, there are strict circulation rules and the main street has been turned into a one way circuit to allow people to maintain social distancing whilst enjoying the rose spectacle.

Tourist Guide
          In our last newsletter we asked for some feedback about our desire to create a new, digital, Guide Book. Of the two systems we presented the one offered by the company, Hostfully received 65% of the votes. We preferred that one too and so we are going to use that system. It includes a GUIDE BOOK which can be seen by the public from our website, and replaces our own Visitors Guide, and a more private HOUSE MANUAL (which includes the Guide Book) for our guests to help them understand their Gite, and how it functions, and the wider premises here at Gites de La Richardière. In this way, and as part of our Covid-19 arrangements, we are trying to reduce the number of items people need to touch once they are inside the Gites.
Thank you everyone who cast a vote. 

Blog and Garden activities
           In the middle of May we posted a Blog (“When the Guests are away the Owners will Play“) about everything that’s happening here at La Richardière without any guests. We, of course, have to keep the premises maintained and tidy, so that it is as good as it can be when the first Guests of the season arrive. 

Thank you to everyone who reads what we write; to those who respond, and those who forward this newsletter to their friends and family. It is all much appreciated.

Best wishes and keep safe everyone,
Dave and Patience