In these strange times of Covid-19 and lockdown existence, many people still have to continue working to keep their businesses in good order. We are lucky, in one respect, being locked down at our place of work, our rental accommodation here at Gites de La Richardière, means that we can continue with our routine jobs, preparation and maintenance. We need to be sure that our accommodation is spick and span and kept up to scratch for the moment when we do open up again. So here follows some of the things we have been doing whilst in lockdown and hoping that our property will remain fully “fit for purpose” whilst being devoid of guests.

New Photographs

We are using this opportunity to set up the Gites and the grounds for the purpose of taking new publicity photographs. Here is a new photo of our Gite Le Pigeonnier. A lovely small Gite for 2 people with expansive views across the French countryside from its balcony.

Gite: Le Pigeonnier – Le Petit Pressigny, France.


With 3 acres of grounds we have a lot of garden to look after. Our games field, used by guests for activities such as Table-Tennis, Badminton and Boule, has been cut several times in the last 10 weeks. It’s amazing how fast the grass grows in April and May.

The Games Field at Gites de La Richardière

All of our hedges need trimming on a regular basis. This box hedge, which creates a natural border between the courtyard and the games field and is a favourite place for guests to sit and watch their children playing on the swings, got a bit out of control in early May and so we had to take matters in hand.

Swimming Pool

Our pool contains about 50,000 litres of water which needs to be kept in a healthy condition regardless of whether people are swimming in it or not. A moment’s distraction and the water turns green and needs serious attention. We’ve managed to keep our pool crystal clear and, as you can see from the 3 sun-beds, we are using it as a family at present.

Gardens at La Richardière

Around the grounds here at Gites de La Richardière we have a large number of flower beds and borders. Normally by this time in May we will have visited the Garden Centre and added a large selection of new flowering plants to make our gardens and courtyard colourful and attractive. Not so this year. We have relied on perennial plants flowering on-time and a large number of plants stored in the potting shed emerging healthy and wanting to grow for us. We even found some plants in the compost heap trying hard to get out! It’s actually been quite successful.


Our house, the Fermette, and many of the Gite windows and doors, have deserved and needed a fresh coat of paint. So far we have painted 22 windows and doors and there are still more to do. At least, once it’s finished, we won’t need to attend to that job again for quite a while.

The Fermette at Gites de La Richardière.

Games and Activities.

We provide lots of activities for our guests. These include games on our games field such as Table Tennis, Badminton, Football, and Swing-ball. Many of these games can be packed away into the barn for the winter, but the Boule Court is firmly fixed into the ground, so it has to stay where it is. It has its fair share of weeds (mauvais herbes) in the spring which need to be removed.

You could be forgiven for thinking that this is the preparation for a La Richardière concert (which does happen occasionally), but you would be wrong. These are simply the Ariondak chairs we have being arranged ready for cleaning. They are then distributed to various locations around the grounds to allow people to sit and relax in the shaded areas of the property.

And still the work continues in the hope that, when our next set of guests arrive, there will not be too much to do to present our Gites to our normally high standard.

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