We sent out our latest Newsletter just a week ago (Sign Up Here) and we simply had to say….

“Wow! It’s just a month since our last blog posting and what a difference. With the Covid-19 virus, the Lockdown and this week-end VE Day activities to celebrate 75 years of peace, it’s been a challenging few weeks. How are you managing the Lockdown? Did you have a “Street Party”? Being isolated is a new and unique experience for nearly all of us and we guess everyone has their own way of coping. “

We know that many of the guests who come to stay at Gites de La Richardiere are involved in the care services and in essential worker activities, so we’d like to invite everyone to join us in thanking everyone for their contribution towards keeping us as safe as possible and helping us to get through this crisis.

We have been discussing ways of removing unnecessary paper from our Gites and, in particular, ways of presenting our Gite Information Manual and local Tourist information in a way that guests do not have to touch. (A pertinent discussion at the time.)

We have been looking at two different Electronic ways of providing this information.

Gites de La Richardiere Brochure

Our first idea was was a private page on our website. It would be a simple replication of our current information booklet. Our bespoke Google map would still be available on our website and through this link as a separate entity.

This didn’t prove too popular so it has now been deleted.

However, our second idea was an on-line system (by “Hostfully”) which would display the Gite information and incorporate our Google map/Tourist Guide showing local Attractions, Supermarkets, Restaurants proved to be the most popular change. So our new House Manual can be seen here.  https://hostful.ly/gqjgvbz/house_manual    Thus keeping everything in one place.

We ran a survey in this newsletter and 60% of the responders prefered the the On-line version. Our more fully illustrated Google map can be found here https://v2.hostfully.com/gqjgvbz/recommendations

We wonder what the next few months will bring to the Hospitality industry in France and across the world. People need their holidays, but not at any cost.

Our Games field here at Gites de La Richardière

Not a lot more to say right now.
Thanks again for reading and/or sharing.
Every newsletter/blog stimulates a response from some of our readers, so thank you for those communications. Please do feel fee to send us a message.

Best wishes and keep safe everyone,
Dave and Patience