In February’s news we wrote about our very cold and foggy visit to Château Chambord. Our recent visit to Chateau de Langeais was a very different experience.

Langeais is a small town just 45 minutes North West from Gites de La Richardiere and is a medieval fortress which has been restored within the last 100 years. 

The website for the Chateau Langeais tells us that…“Around the year 1000, two great lords, the Count of Anjou, Foulques Nerra, and the Count of Blois, Eudes I, fought over the Touraine. …….and founded a fortress on the promontory overhanging the (River) Loire.

It seems that the Chateau had a somewhat turbulent history and finally was owned by the dynasty of the House of Plantagenet until the end of the 12th century. In 1206.

The website also tells us. “Langeais became part of the Crown lands of France following the French king Philippe Auguste’s victories. During the Hundred Years War, armed bands occupied the fortress. Charles VII bought it in 1422, then ordered that it be destroyed, except for the keep. That keep, moreover, is one of the oldest in stone still standing today.”

The large noses of Langeais

The modern reconstruction makes for a clean and tidy Chateau which has been arranged to display the history in a variety of different rooms. We were amused in one room where the displayed characters all seemed to have extremely large noses! This display and audio visual presentation was showing details of ....” the wedding of Charles VIII of France and Anne of Brittany which took place, at dawn on December 6, 1491. This marriage marked the beginning of the incorporation of the duchy of Brittany into the French kingdom.” 

Possibly the best tree-house in the Loire Valley.

The grounds outside were perfect for a family picnic and there were plenty of things to keep the children amused including, what is probably, the best tree-house in the Loire valley. If you are more inclined to eat in a nice restaurant then it was perfectly possible to get a “pass-out” at lunchtime to visit one of the restaurants in the town close to the Chateau.

To see more we created this video of our day in Langeais. 

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