February 2020 News from France

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Image of Chateau Chambord
Château Chambord (Sunny Day)

You may have noticed that, whenever tourist venues and places of historical interest are advertised, they are always shown beneath glorious blue skies and with their gardens in colourful full bloom. We suppose that’s a natural human need to show these places at their best. We certainly do that when advertising our Gites and so do many others. However, during the winter places are not always as warm as cosy as you might think.

We visited Château Chambord recently on a freezing cold and foggy day. It was sunny and warm here at La Richardière and we thought the day out would be a good opportunity for us to see the newly renovated gardens. As we travelled North, the weather deteriorated and became cold and foggy. On arrival we could see very little and so our first port of call was the warm cosy restaurant for an excellent lunch and a pause in our day in the hope that the weather would improve. It didn’t. See more on this short video “A Foggy Day at Chambord”.

Château Chambord on a foggy winter’s day.

Although Château Chambord is outside of our 1 hour recommended circle of places to visit, many of our guests make the 1 hr 40 mins journey and are pleased to have seen this iconic Château. It is probably most famous for its double-helix staircase which is right in the middle of the building. Two staircases in the same space, but completely unconnected. It was designed and built by Leonardo da Vinci when he was in his retirement in Amboise. A town, close by on the river Loire.

Mobile artwork by Japanese Sculptor, Susumu Shingu

Inside of the Chateau there was lots to see including some seasonal Christmas decorations. We were most intrigued by the exhibition of mobiles in one area of the Château which were fascinating to watch. They were designed and made by the Japanese sculptor, Susumu Shingu. He made the mobiles to be perfectly balanced with many colourful flat surfaces which act as sails in the lightest of air movements. Consequently these sculptures, even though they were indoors, continuously moved with the currents of air in the building. Our short video shows how these sculptures have a mesmerising nature and are quite hypnotic and calming.

February 5th: International #BOOKDIRECT DAY.

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New promotional video:

We just released our 2020 promotional video which has been enhanced this year by Mark Brown (yes – he is related to us!) who came and took some stunning Drone videography for us. We think these pictures make an excellent way to appreciate the calmness and isolation of our Gites which is great for people looking for tranquil holidays.

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Dave and Patience