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Photo Competition:

We think photos of the year must be awarded to Iain Moir for this sunset picture and Mark Brown who took the sunset drone picture. Both pictures were taken at La Richardière this year. We don’t actually have a photo competition, but if we did these two

pictures would be in the running for a prize (which we also don’t have!) For those guests who have stayed with us, either this year or in previous years, we are always pleased to receive copies of their photos as a) it’s good to see La Richardière through another person’s camera lens and b) we are always trying to refresh our website and publicity pictures. Extra help and photos are always appreciated.

It is possible for guests to post their pictures straight to our Facebook Page or straight to our Google listing. Just search for “Gites de La Richardiere”.

Google Map:

We launched our Bespoke Google map just a few weeks ago. We have already added new attractions, recommended by our visitors, and in the first 3 weeks we had over 200 visits to the map. Encouraged by many, this map is now available on our website. It’s most useful for guests to carry the link around on a mobile phone as Google maps will show an immediate location in relation to Gites de La Richardière and all of it’s attractions.

Night Markets:

As the summer draws to a close and the evenings become darker we have a series of Night Markets in towns around us. This year, again, we went to the Night Market in Loches and we were pleased that this year, unlike last year, it was dry! We had a great Paella meal in a street cafe and then wandered the market to see the stall holders and have a drink at a local bar. You can read more about the Loches Night Market on a previous blog posting.

Booking for 2020 and 2021.   (#bookdirect)

As we announced in our last news, booking is open for next year, 2020 and the year after, 2021. It’s always good to secure a favourite week in good time otherwise disappointment could be on the horizon and we already have booked summer weeks for 2020. Check our website for 2020 prices and availability on all 3 Gites. For 2021 bookings then please contact us directly to check our early booking prices.

Best wishes and thanks for reading our blog,
Dave and Patience