Our guests here at Gites de La Richardiere often associate markets with the early morning, but we were pleased to inform our visitors recently that in Loches, Indre-et-Loire they were holding a night market. Something which takes places two or three times during the summer and again at Christmas and other special holidays. (Find Loches on our bespoke Google Map.

It is a wholly different experience and well worth a visit.

Night Market. Loches. August 2019.

From early afternoon there is an excited atmosphere in Loches as the stall holders arrive and start setting up their stalls and displaying their goods. Local shop-keepers open up for the evening and they often decorate their shops and prepare special offerings for their customers.

As the evening arrives lights begin to glow and the atmosphere gradually grows in excitement and expectation.

There are many places to eat in the early evening, Pizza restaurants, Wine Bars, Oyster Bars, Street cafes, Crêperies and the inevitable Ice-Cream and Pop-Corn stall – always a favourite with the young people. The restaurant we chose on our last visit had put on a special Night Market menu. We chose the Paella and very good it was too. It is, on nights like these, well-worth booking a table in advance as eating out is a very popular activity.

All through the market there are groups of entertainers and musicians who, through their activities, provide an excellent atmosphere which enhances the ambiance of the night market. There is nothing more relaxing than drinking a good glass of local wine and watching and listening to a street band performing their music.

Leather goods at Loches Night Market.

You can buy a huge range of items in the night market and we were surprised that, by looking carefully, the prices has not been inflated to take advantage of the holiday crowds. Having said that it’s always good to be aware beware of the price of cheese!

At the end of the day there is always something for the kids, so just enjoy the colour and the noise!