There are so many things to do in this region of France during the summer months that it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. So here are just two events we went to recently and shared with our Gite mailing list. If you wish to receive regular newsletters, information and stories from this region of France the CLICK HERE to add your name to our mailing list.

GARDEN FESTIVAL in Chateau Chaumont.
Just over an hour to the North of Gites de La Richardiere lies the Chateau Chaumont on the banks of the River Loire. Like many of the Chateau along this part of the river they are inextricably tied to the early history of the French royal family prior to their demise in that infamous revolution which the French celebrate on July 14th every year. Check our blog for an article about Super Bastifete!

Chaumont hosts an international Garden Festival every year (this year is year 28!) The Chateau invites garden designers to install creative gardens throughout the grounds. It is fascinating to see the plants they use and the other material which ordinarily one might not associate with a garden. You can see our Chaumont Gardens Video on YouTube.

Flower installations at the 28th Garden festival at Chateau Chaumont.

We had a great day out and visiting with friends (and our dog) is always good as it’s interesting to hear other people’s point of view about the installations. Dave liked the garden which had lots of books in cages (see video).

La Celle Geunand Brocante:

Another favourite past-time for the French is clearing out their Garages and then selling the “junk” (that could be valuable antique “junk”) at various Brocantes and Vide Greniers. Basically, large car boot sales. The Brocante in La Celle Geunand is as big as it gets. We went for about three hours and bought some plates to use in our social barbecue are know as “Bar Sol”, but also spent a huge amount of time bumping into people we knew and passing the time with general holiday chatter and discussion about each other’s purchases. Surprisingly, there is always something for everyone buried in the piles and piles of “stuff and junk” . One just has to look and have a bit of imagination.

La Celle-Geunand Brocantes – July 2019

Bespoke Google Map.

We are often asked by guests “Where is this Chateau?” or “Where is that wildlife park?” Or, “Where is Grand Ma’s Restaurant?” To help our guests find their way around we have developed a bespoke Google Map for our Guests (and Newsletter subscribers). Just like our Visitor’s Guide, it is work in progress and each time someone finds a new and interesting place to go we will add it to the map. When people book with us they will get the direct link to the map. To try it out just click on the link and once the map is loaded, choose a category e.g. Restaurants or Activities from the menu on the left and Google will show you where each place is in relation to our Gites.