All around our region of France, the Indre-et-Loire, we are continually stumbling across unusual and slightly bizarre objects or displays. This is just a collection of some of the things we have seen. We have no doubt it will be added to in the next few weeks, so keep checking in for any new and unusual photos from Gites de La Richardiere. In fact – if you are visiting the Indre-et-Loire, why not send us a photo to include in the blog post.

Chateau du Rivau

In the Chateau there is a wall of hunting trophies. But look carefully. Can you find the Elephant clown and the rabbit disappearing down a hole?

Again, Chateau Rivau provides the surprise for visitors to their gardens. This giant pair of garden boots (actually 2 left boots) is 5 metres high and a great place to sit and have a picnic lunch.

We guess that Wellinton boots are useful in a garden, but……?

Out and About.

The villagers of Vegnié were keen to recognise the celebration of the moon landing and made this spaceman and moon landing module for the roundabout to the Southern end of the town. There is a model Saturn 5 rocket at the other end of the town.

Here on a roundabout in Vegnié there is a spaceman.

The white elephant in the church square in Le Petit Pressigny is quite contraversial. On one hand, some people wonder why it’s there and that it’s an eyesore – not in keeping with the village. On the other hand it advertises village events. “Where is that village event?” People ask. “The one with the white elephant!” Immediately people know where the event is taking place.

Imagine our surprise when visiting the Bar/Restaurant in Le Grand Pressigny, Chez L, to be confronted by an eight foot Dinosaur. We were somewhat surprised, and even more surprised when a similar sized Samuri warrior turned up a few weeks later. If fact so surprised, we wrote a tune for the dinosaur called the Dinosaur Jig.