Following the great musical presentations we saw and heard on the day of the national Fête de la Musique in June we find local villages continuing to present musical entertainment for the local population and for the visitors who come to this region during the summer.

Soirée irlandaise

Le Grand Pressigny (The Fete D’art organisation) hosted a Soirée irlandaise on 5th July with local group Celtiqua and the Irish group Siansa.

Celtiqua played the first set with their combination of tunes from around the world, but all with a Celtic origin or root. These include Irish reels, American Jigs and reels, English Waltzes, Blues pieces and square dance tunes. Their style is lively, creative and energetic.

Celtiqua playing at the Soirée irlandaise in July 2019 at Le Grand Pressigny.
(Photo: Les Burgess)

SIANSA followed this set with their wholly Irish based repertoire. Beautiful songs and flowing melodies.

Siansa playing in Le Grand Pressigny July 5th 2019 at the Soirée irlandaise.
(Photo: Tim Ford)

The evening was very well attended by approximately 400 people who were served Irish beer and Fish and Chips. There was a lovely ambience and the evening was enjoyed by all.

Abilly Choir Festival.

Saturday 6th July saw a great gathering of local choirs. They sang in rotation in four different venues and all ended up in the church for a grand finale with all 8 choirs together.