We were very pleased to host a journalist from the Guardian Newspaper in 2016. His task was to determine whether or not “electric cars are really good enough to take four adults and a week’s worth of luggage from London to the Loire?”

We discussed this venture with the journalist – Samuel Gibbs, prior to his arrival at Gites de La Richardière. Most French villages and towns have electric charging points, but, as he was being loaned the car, he was reluctant to leave the car in our village over-night. So, the question was, “How much would it be to charge our car each day from your domestic supply?” Actually, we did not know the answer to this question as it was the first time we had been asked. We do have a charging point at our Gites, useful for caravans and Motor Homes, but we had never used it for an Electric Car.

Once we had determined the make and model of the car (Tesla Model S) we were able to interrogate the appropriate company website and calculate the cost of an overnight charge.

A Tesla Model S, electric car, re-charging at Gites de La Richardière.

Samuel Gibbs wrote the following….“The alarm went off at 6am to kickstart our journey, and I was full of trepidation. Driving 706 km (439 miles) in a car with three other adults and enough luggage for a week’s holiday might already feel like a modern labour of Hercules for some, but this trip had an extra challenge: the car would be all electric”.

To read the rest of Samuel’s Article – CLICK HERE.